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Poster: Caitlin Olson Date: May 8, 2018 2:21pm
Forum: news Subject: Lifehacker: Download Free Stuff From Reddit's Favorite Websites

“What are some cool websites where you can download free stuff?” asked redditor howtoadvanced. He got over 5,000 answers. We’ve gone through and categorized the best ones, identifying each resource. You could spend the rest of your life just entertaining and educating yourself with the free books, music, games, apps, and other freebies available on the sites listed here. (Don’t go cancelling your Netflix, but maybe stop paying Amazon for books that Project Gutenberg hands out for free.)

Unless noted (and with the possible exception of some “abandonware” sites) these are legal and legitimate resources, but some are only for personal use. Always check before you use a resource commercially or publicly.

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